Amysta provides a broad range of Professional Services to cloud infrastructure operations and business support (OSS/BSS).

In particular, our engineers perform the following services:

Cloud Infrastructure IT service catalog

  • Cloud infrastructure product catalog definition
  • Detail of all billable resources (OS templates, computing, storage and network offering)
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) attached to each cloud service offering

Pricing/rating policy

  • Direct and indirect infrastructure cost assessment (facility, power, cooling, servers, storage systems, network LAN/WAN, software licenses, human resources...)
  • Pricing strategy for each billable infrastructure resource
  • Currency management for international clouds

Capacity planning

  • Usage reports requirements
  • Assessment of usage patterns and variation (low and high peak of consumption of infrastructure resources)
  • Benchmarking of resource utilization per business units

Cost control

  • Cost control indicators (Virtual Machines (VMs), storage, network)
  • Consumption thresholds and reports definition
  • Alert management


  • Statement content (billable items)
  • Distribution or exporting rules (users, Business Unit owners or accounting services)

ERP Integration

  • Export files configuration to ERP system