Metering, rating, billing and payment for Public Cloud

Amysta is both an Operational Support System & Business Support System platform (OSS/BSS) designed to manage usage-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Amysta Billing enables Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to deliver the necessary visibility into their Cloud IaaS usage patterns and revenues towards their Customers (e.g. End-Tenants and Resellers), and internal Departments (e.g. Sales / Marketing, Back-Office / Finance, and Operations / Engineering). Amysta automates Public Cloud's Lead-to-Cash process from enrollment to payment.

Thanks to a tight and comprehensive integration with the Cloud OS / Orchestration tier, Amysta Billing is quick and easy to incorporate within your existing production environment. The initial configuration and over-time change management will also be effortless as Amysta Billing is automatically discovering and mapping the IaaS service offerings, resources, and associated workloads contained by the underlying Orchestration and Virtualization tiers.

Amysta Billing brings Public Clouds with features such as real-time usage metering collection, detailed data consolidation, flexible reporting, multi-currency rating, customers' self-enrollment / account management / billing / payment, KPIs' correlation / dashboards, and capacity analysis capabilities.


Amysta collects actual usage from Cloud infrastructure resources data via the cloud orchestrator layer such as Apache CloudStack, Accelerite CloudPlatform or OpenStack Ceilometer.

Real time usage metering

Amysta provides real time visibility into Cloud components utilization (e.g. Application/OS, VMs, storage, network) for any user account, projects, zone or region.

Data consolidation & correlation

Polled raw data are processed and transformed into structured and displayable metrics. Produced metrics are consolidated into KPIs and further correlated with the Cloud Service offerings and pricing in order to provide with meaningful Charts and Dashboards.

Revenue Management

Amysta provides a revenue management framework that includes a usage-based rating of the Infrastructure services and resources for the CSP and its Resellers.

Infrastructure pricing and rating

Amysta rates all Cloud Infrastructure resources via service offerings (CloudStack) or flavors (OpenStack).

Amysta automatically discovers the Service Offerings already set into the Orchestration engine, which will avoid extra effort and likely errors when handling data inputs.

Revenue management

Reseller management

Amysta allows the management of resellers with different branding, Service offerings, SLAs, and pricing models.

Invoicing & Billing

Amysta brings a comprehensive invoicing platform for Cloud Service Providers with invoice generation and billing statements distribution.


The invoicing process is by design entirely handled by Amysta avoiding manual and time consuming activities. The invoicing statements can be customized to Cloud Service Providers requirements, and provide various breakdown categories of the cloud usages and associated costs per: Application/OS templates, Running VMs, Stopped VMs, storage, network.


Amysta allows you to automatically distribute monthly usage statements via email, and stores the invoicing history for each of your customer accounts and resellers. Accounts will also have a direct access to their invoice statements in PDF format either via Amysta's User-Portal or the Orchestrator / Provisioning GUI.


Dashboard, Reporting & Exporting


Dashboard & Reporting

Specific Dashboards have been set to provide at a glance with meaningful information and KPIs to Cloud Service Providers' decision makers and managers.

CSP internal departments and resellers will also be able to track detailed usages and revenues in real time, and generate daily-based and monthly-based reports.


Along with reporting and dashboards, Amysta offers advanced data extraction with the ability to generate and export refined data and custom reports in HTML & CSV formats to be integrated into e.g. the Information System ERP / CRM for further treatment or establishing a consolidated invoicing statement with additional non-IaaS services.

Capacity Planning

Amysta supports CSP Operations team members to understand the utilization, performance and capacity of their IaaS resources with detailed historical data and trend analytics.

Detailed historical data

Amysta collects and records data on the Cloud Infrastructure service offerings and resources consumptions allowing future analysis for the purpose of "Capacity Planning" (ref. "Service Design" section of the "Continual Service Improvement" volume of the ITIL).

Trend analytics

Amysta consolidates correlates and records various data into usage and over-time patterns. It provides with dedicated analytics and dashboards allowing to plan and budget capacity and scalability on the Cloud Infrastructure service offerings and resources.

Account Management

Amysta fully reproduces the Orchestrator user authentication and authorization by delegating the user administration and provisioning to the Orchestrator engine.


Amysta provides a supplementary self-enrollment workflow allowing the CSP to collect its client's contact detail, billing and/or payment information, and to proceed to the account provisioning into the Orchestrator / Provisioning system.

Tenant management

Amysta's tenant management module works in conjunction with the self-enrollment module and allows customer's contact and billing information modifications by the Cloud administrators.

Credit card payment

Amysta payment module brings usage-based recurring payment features to Cloud Service Providers. Payments are processed through a secure gateway supported in most countries with easy-to-use refunds through credit card chargeback.

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