Amysta CloudStore

Amysta CloudStore provides a single place for users to easily and instantly order, provision, and launch in a "one-click" approach cloud-enabled applications and fully qualified Cloud Infrastructure Service items.

Amysta CloudStore is aimed to provide end-consumers – i.e. Enterprises' end-users and Cloud Service Providers' end-customers – with simple-to-use service catalog coupled with fully automated order management and provisioning systems to supply any Cloud-enabled IT services.

Amysta CloudStore empowers the management of Cloud Services with one-click one-location self-supply, order-to-bill full automation, service quality and cost enhancement.

IT Resources Self-Supply in One-Click

For instance, Amysta CloudStore allows in a "one-click" move to order and provision cloud-enabled application with all necessary underlying Cloud Infrastructure resources e.g. Computing, Networking, Storage, and Security components. Applications can range from Collaboration and Business Software to Developer Tools, Software Infrastructure and Virtual Desktop (DaaS)...

With Amysta CloudStore, end-consumers will choose the best fitted criteria such as Price and SLA to match their needs and constraints. For a given application listed in Amysta CloudStore, end-consumers will:

  • Upfront be informed of the estimative price of Cloud Service items such as the price for an application with all its required underlying Cloud Infrastructure elements (e.g. Computing, Networking, Storage, and Security);
  • Have the ability to choose between various SLA options either pre-defined by Enterprise IT & Line of Business managers or proposed by Cloud Service Provider marketing departments.
Simply supply all Cloud Services in one location

So, beyond its "apps-store" form factor, Amysta CloudStore can be seen as a catalog inventorying pre-defined variety of qualified Cloud Service items of any kind that Enterprises IT Departments and Cloud Service Providers would like to provide their end-Consumers with. Cloud Service items could range from Cloud-enabled Applications to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Software development environment, Archiving environment, Disaster Recovery environment, IT virtualized plain-infrastructure (IaaS), Server Operating Systems...

Fully Automate Order-to-Bill Cycle

Once the selected item is ordered, Amysta CloudStore will notify in real-time the end-consumer about the provisioning fulfillment status of the Cloud Infrastructure allocation, and eventually supply the credentials to run and use the associated application.

Fully automate Cloud Services Order-to-Bill Cycle

Amysta ChargeBack or Amysta Billing solutions gives Cloud end-Consumers full control of IaaS resources and automate the Order-to-Bill cycle.

Optimize Quality of Service and Cost

Amysta CloudStore simplifies consumer-experience and brings efficiency to Cloud Services management which result in a better financial bottom line.

Hassle free

All Cloud Service items listed in Amysta CloudStore have accurately been pre-qualified by IT experts freeing the end-consumer to taking care of complex IT tasks such as the design, the configuration, and the testing aspects.

Better consumer-experience

Amysta CloudStore GUI will guide the end-Consumer with few necessary information to be able to quickly and simply select the right Cloud Service item, to then automatically be provisioned and be used straight away.

Cost Optimization

Hassle free management and higher consumer-experience will carry out a much better quality of service and performance to end-consumers while lowering down pointless IT administration overhead. Overall Enterprises will end up with a lower financial cost and Cloud Service Providers with higher financial margins.

Optimize Cloud Services' Consumer-Experience and Cost